Amateur Ninja

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With their Secret Ninja Dojo bought out by Megacorp and facing imminent demolition, Wise Master Tang and his ninja disciples venture to the evil corporation's HQ for a little ninja vengeance. When they don't return, new non-ninja recruit Willow Stiletto (who was busy retrieving pizzas for the dojo when everyone else left for Megacorp) sets out to save them. Lucky for her, one of Megacorp's janitors seems to know an awful lot of improvised ninja skills, and tutors Willow in the way of the ninja so she can rescue her ninja friends. Ninja.


Use the arrow keys to move.

Z - Advance dialogue text, perform action shown in contextual action bubble in the middle of the HUD at the bottom of the screen (attack, talk, use skill, open door, etc.).

Space bar - Makes Willow sneak when held down. Also begins to fill up her KO Triangle gauge when you're close to a guard/enemy. When the triangle is full, release the space bar to attack. At higher ninja levels the triangle can be filled multiple times for more powerful attacks and additional points. Once a guard has been taken down, holding the space bar while standing near them will fill the Bag 'Em Up gauge. When it fills the knocked-out guard will be bagged and won't be noticed by other guards.

Shift - Opens Skills/Items menu. When in the Skills/Items menu, the up and down arrows switch between skills and items, and the left and right arrows scroll through the list of skills or items. Press shift to exit this menu.

1, 2, 3 (etc.) - Quick-select ninja skills you've collected using the number keys. Press a number key to make a skill active in the HUD (and use it using the Z key). Pressing the same number again removes the skill from the active window.

M - Brings up a map of the level as long as you have already collected the map item for the current floor.

P - Pauses the game. When you're in the pause menu, pressing P resumes the game.


If you're having trouble bagging enemies without being seen by another patrolling guard, try picking them up (with the Z button) and moving out of other guards' sight and their patrol lines before bagging them.

Missing a key? Guards drop keys when you knock them out but you still have to collect them. Retrace your steps and you may find a key hiding under a guard you've bagged.

Red doors require you to collect boss keys from other levels before you can open them. The number on the door indicates what level's boss key you need.

On some computers and web browsers game performance may begin to degrade after playing for extended periods of time. Restarting/refreshing the game and continuing your save file should help to clear this up.