Candy Mountain Massacre 2

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Sequel to the original Candy Mountain Massacre. CMM2 is a 3D first-person shooter where you control violent sweetheart Candy on a quest to defeat the evil Queen Cake and restore peace to the land. Five all-new stages await you, with new weapons and hordes of new enemies to blast.


  • W - Forward
  • S - Back
  • A - Strafe left
  • D - Strafe right
  • Space bar - Jump
  • Shift - Toggle game view (first or third-person)
  • ESC - Pause
  • Number keys 1/2/3/4/5 - Switch weapons
  • Mouse Button 1 - Fire your weapon
  • Mouse Button 2 (or Q on the Mac) - Melee attack
  • Mouse - Controls your aim/look (you can invert the mouse on the Controls screen before playing)
  • Sniper rifle - When using the sniper rifle (collected on Level 2), use Mouse Button 2 (or Q on the Mac) to zoom in.


If you're playing on a Mac, we suggest you play using the Safari browser. Certain issues with Firefox and the Shockwave plug-in may negatively affect gameplay.

The radar in the upper left corner shows the location of nearby enemies and the path you're supposed to be on. Unlike the first Candy Mountain game, it doesn't show the location of weapon or health pickups.

The Easter Egg grenade weapon will destroy the Queen Cake in one shot. Can you find it and use it?