Demon Tournament

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Inuyasha Demon Tournament is a card-based battle game, where players chain 3 cards together to destroy their opponents in successive turns. The main Battle Screen shows each character's Damage Points (DM) and Energy (EN) at the top of the screen. The Playing Field is comprised of a 4X3 grid. Battle Cards are categorized into 3 groups: Movement, Attack, and Defend.

Strategies for Combat

Attack: Every Attack Card shows the amount of damage it can potentially inflict, the energy costs to use the card, and the pattern of attack on the Playing Field. Each Attack Card has a unique attack pattern.

Tip: Understanding the pattern of your attack and the potential position of your opponent are the keys to victory.

Movement: Movement Cards do not cost energy to use. The player starts out with simple movements, up, down, left, and right. Additional Movement Cards can be unlocked by winning battles.

Tip:Additional Movement Cards can be unlocked through winning battles.

Defend/Energy Up: Defending Cards do not cost energy and give you greater defense to withstand a potential attack. Energy Up cards don't cost energy, but they do grant additional energy to apply to the next Card. The more powerful Attack Cards usually cost more energy.

Tip: It is essential to chain an Energy Up Card to a strong Attack Card when battle conditions favor the enemy.

After every winning battle, the player chooses a Mystery Card from a deck of five cards. The Mystery Cards are stronger cards to use, as the opponents get progressively more difficult.