Fat Wizard

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Once there was a fat wizard, a dragon egg, and an epic quest to create the ultimate omelet. Take this magical fatso from 'once upon a time' to 'happily eaten after' by defending the egg from wave after wave of monsters determined to crack it open before it has aged to perfection. When the speckled shell succumbs to the onslaught, will you take your penchant for egg-binges to a whole new level? Find out in Fat Wizard.


Fat Wizard is played with the mouse.

Click and drag the wizard to move him around the map. You can also press Ctrl + click (or Command + click on a Mac), and the wizard will fly to wherever you click.

Clicking the mouse will shoot a fireball toward the cursor.

Click and drag the mouse to create a lightning gate. You can only have one of these at a time!

Click and hold the mouse to drop an ice bomb. Wait until the inner circle fills to release the mouse button.

Keep you egg safe by destroying all monsters before they can damage it!


Experiment with different artifacts to find the best combination for you.

Your lightning gate gets weaker the longer it is. Short gates are the most powerful!

Ice bombs slow enemies down. Tough enemies can be killed easily if you set up a lightning gate in their path and then slow them with an ice bomb.

Shooting off too many fireballs in a row will make them weaker. Be conservative!