Five Minutes to Kill (Yourself) 2

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You have five minutes to off yourself in the fastest way possible so you don't have to endure the torture of a family reunion (and being compared to all your cousins that are better than you). You have limited time and limited tools, so you've got to think fast and be resourceful.


Use the mouse to move. Clicking a location on the screen will make Stan move to that location.

Clicking and holding the mouse button on a location on the screen will make Stan walk in that direction continuously.

Click on objects or people to interact with them. Some characters require you to bring them an item before they'll take away some of your health. When you talk to them a picture of the item they require will be shown.

Some items require another item before they can be used. These items have a "+" sign over them and when you pick them up they will be stored in your belt pack until you find the correct matching item.

Click the ? In the lower right corner of the screen to pause the game, look at the map, and see how much life you have left.


The most life any of the hazards can take off at once is 20; the least is 4.

There are three zones to explore. The deadliest? The Beach. Some environmental hazards aren't marked with a big green arrow. Explore your world and find new ways to off Stan.