Five Minutes to Kill (Yourself) Airport

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Stan travels for work...a lot. Hours and hours of his life draft past him while he stands in security lines, eats airport fast food for twice the price, pees in tiny airplane bathrooms. It only took one truly bad layover to push him over the edge. Take control of Stan and help him end it all in bizarre and hilarious ways before he has to surrender the last bit of control he has to another dismal business flight. In five minutes Stan has to be on that plane. Make sure he doesn’t make it.


Five Minutes to Kill (Yourself) Airport Edition is played with the mouse.

Click a spot on the screen and you will move there, or click and hold the mouse to make your character continually move in that direction.

Objects with green arrows above their head are interactive. Click on the object or arrow to move to and use it.

Click on doors to walk through them.

Some objects will not wound you until they're combined with another item. These Combo Items have a "+" sign above them. When you pick up the first item in a combo the second item or person will have a green arrow above them.

Click on the M at the bottom of the screen (or press the M key) to see a map of the current room.

Click on the speaker icon (or press the S key) to mute game sounds.


Not all self-inflicted injuries were created equally! Look for high damage interactions to end it all even faster!

You can board both flight 777 and flight 666, but the latter requires you to pick up an extra ticket!