Floater on Ice

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I remember those winters in the country - the brisk air, the animals in their burrows, the naked corpse we spent all day playing with. We didn't have much, but we did have family. And that corpse. Grab your best pokin' stick and let's see how far we can poke this here dead body downriver before time runs out.


Position your poking stick around the body using the mouse.

Click the mouse in the game window to poke the corpse with it and send it flying downriver.

Trophies are awarded for injuries once you inflict a certain amount of them.


A trail of popsicle point pickups leads up to each time extension gate. When you see a popsicle trail, try to poke the corpse in that direction to get a time bonus.

You'll get a 5-second time bonus if the body touches/grazes a slalom gate. If the body goes directly through it, you'll be awarded a "Perfect" 10-second time bonus.

Ram the corpse into as much river debris as you can for big points.