Gigolo Assassin

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Gigolo Assassin is a point-and-click graphic adventure where you, as a thong-clad “master” gigolo assassin, charm your way past all obstacles and apprehend The Sisterhood and their Spider Queen leader. Each of the game's three chapters presents players with new and unique challenges and puzzles to solve and complete the story.


The game is controlled with the mouse.

Click an area on the screen to make your assassin walk to that point.

Click a command (Pick Up, Talk To, Look At, or Use) before clicking an object on the screen or in your inventory to make your character perform that action with that item/person.


At the start of the game you have to use the remote control in the Gigolounge on the items in the room that are sparkling. Click "Use," then click on the remote, then on the area in the lounge that is sparkling. "Use" will still be highlighted after you uncover an area of the lounge so to uncover the next thing, click on the remote again and another sparkling area.

To get out of the Gigolounge and start a mission, "Use" the Active Launchpad (once uncovered).