Jetpack Jackass

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Nothing says "I'm sorry" like carving your sweetie's initials in the moon! Help Sam win back his estranged soulmate by flying his homemade jetpack as high as possible, carelessly destroying countless airplanes, blimps, satellites and even the International Space Station on the way. Get to the moon and maybe, just maybe, she'll find it in her heart to love you again.


Jetpack Jackass is played with the mouse.

When sitting on the launchpad, click the mouse to launch yourself into the air.

Sam moves left or right based on the position of the mouse pointer on the screen. If the mouse moves outside the game window the game will automatically pause play.

Bounce off of mid-air debris to gain height. Certain types of debris (flaming boxes, gas stations, satellites, etc.) will give you more height than standard platforms.

Press the mouse button to use a fuel canister for an extra boost. Collect canisters floating in the environment to gain more fuel reserves.

Collect letter balloons to spell your beloved's name and float to the heavens on the power of love.

Press the space bar to pause gameplay.


If you miss a platform and begin falling to your death, click the mouse button and use one of those fuel canisters you've got (you start with 3 by default).