Kill Thy Neighbor

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Destroy your annoying neighbor and their house before they destroy you and yours.


Right or left arrow - Moves your character in front of your house left or right.

Double-tap arrow left or right - Does a fast roll to the left or right.

Down arrow - Blocks projectile attacks

Space bar - Shoots your weapon at your opponent's side of the street

Up arrow - Changes weapons (when you have defeated more than one opponent).

If you get hit by an opponent's projectile and are not blocking you will be stunned for a few seconds.

Each brawl is a best-of-three match with 90-second rounds. Destroy your opponent's house completely to win a round. If you have not decimated their abode completely when time is up the winner is the one with the most health left. Why do you have to destroy your neighbor's house more than once? Well let's just say they quickly rebuilt between rounds and it takes more than one win to completely break their resolve to live on your block.

There are four characters. During the last battle you will face a dark version of yourself that is faster and more powerful. Though by this time you will have access to the weapons of your defeated opponents, so that'll help.


Each character's attacks are rated differently on speed and power. Select the character that best fits your fighting style. For example, Nadine's fireworks are fast but not very powerful; G.I. Jenkins' oxygen canisters are slow but pack a mean punch.

Once you've destroyed a section of their property completely continuing to hit it won't inflict any additional damage. You'll have to move and begin pummeling a section that has not been destroyed yet.