Lesbian Spider-Queens of Mars

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Your Martian fortress is under attack! When Queen Tarantula starts an uprising and takes the throne, it's up to you to teach her a lesson. Work your way through a dozen levels of twisty arcade mazes, every bit as punishing as the classic games that inspired them. Bind and ensnare everyone in sight with your power crystal, and don't stop until you've got Mars hanging from your spinneret!


Lesbian Spider-Queens of Mars is played with the arrow keys.

Press any direction to move the Spider-Queen.

She will shoot her laser automatically. Slaves that touch it will be bound. Grab them before they escape!


Grab the crystal that appears after you capture a slave for extra points!

The Spider-Queen gets an extra life every 25,000 points. You'll need them.

You can destroy the assassin's throwing knives if you hit them with your spider silk.