Five Minutes to Kill (Yourself) for iPhone

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Put the "dead" into your dead-end job by committing career suicide...literally. You've only got five minutes before your next pointless meeting, and it looks like death is the only way out. Inflict undue bodily harm upon yourself with all the objects in your environment. Paper cutters, microwave ovens, and even copy machines suddenly adopt new and extremely hazardous uses. Slam your head in a car trunk. Impale yourself with an umbrella. Even interact with your coworkers and inspire them to beat the life out of you. Anything to get out of that dumb meeting. Five Minutes to Kill (Yourself) is an updated and expanded version of the original game, with loads more content and many more rooms to explore.

Product Details

  • Updated version of the Adult Swim classic
  • New environments including a gym, executive suite and parking lot
  • Horrible new ways to die
  • Now play as a girl!
  • OpenFeint integration with leaderboards




Recommended for 3rd and 4th Generation iPod Touch, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 or iPad running iOS 4 or higher. Game performance may be slower on previous hardware or software versions.


Where can I get Five Minutes to Kill (Yourself) for my iPhone or iPod touch?

You can access the App Store within iTunes (version 8.2 or higher) on your computer, or simply click the App Store icon on your iPhone or iPod touch. Your iPhone or iPod touch will need to be running the 3.0 software or higher. Search for Five Minutes to Kill (Yourself) Reloaded under the Games section.

What settings will ensure the best gaming experience?

The AUTO-LOCK function has been disabled in order to prevent the screen from prematurely dimming or automatically locking.

Use your headphones to enjoy the background music and sound effects. When you are not using your headphones, remember to not cover the speaker; otherwise, the sounds will be inaudible.

How can I adjust the music/ sound volume?

Use the volume buttons on the side of your device to adjust volume while you’re trying to kill yourself.

Is there a vibration function?

Vibration is not utilized in this game.

How do I adjust the screen brightness?

On your iPhone or iPod touch springboard, choose SETTINGS > BRIGHTNESS and adjust accordingly.

About the Game

What is Five Minutes to Kill (Yourself)?

You're an office cubicle worker, hatin' life. You get a meeting request to be in the conference room in five minutes, and you WILL be tested. You’d rather kill yourself than go through with it. So, walk around the office and look for different ways to kill yourself. Hurry... the meeting starts in five minutes! Now with an expanded office!

How can I win this game?

Use different objects in and around the office to injure yourself or provoke coworkers to injure you. Arrows will appear above objects you can interact with. You win the game when you're 100% dead.

How do I keep track of my progress?

The lower portion of the screen contains a health meter that you can refer to at any time to see just how dead you are.

Technical Issues

The gameplay seems to drag a little--what does this mean and is there anything I can do?

Try rebooting the device and clear the memory or turn off other applications that may be taking up excessive memory in order to achieve the highest quality of gameplay.

How can I pause the game?

On a device running iOS4, you can press the Home button at any time to pause the game and return to your home screen. Launch the app again, or double-tap the home button to open the Fast App Switcher and select the game to resume.

Who produced this awesome game?

The original online version and the iPhone & iPod Touch versions were developed by Ham in the Fridge for Adult Swim Games.

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