My Li'l Bastard for iPhone

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My Li'l Bastard is unlike any virtual pet you've ever cared for. He takes your tender loving care and vomits it back at you, tossing Molotov cocktails on the gifts you graciously bought him, breaking that water bottle you tried using to punish him, and pooping all over the place. But with courage, tenacity, and patience, you just might be able to turn this bastard around. (Note: we said "might.") This enhanced edition of Adult Swim Games' popular web game expands your bastard's world and offers new ways to play with your newborn boy/girl!

The goal of the game is to raise your baby from blob-like hatchling to full-fledged adult bastard. Each stage of life presents a new challenge for you to overcome with your offspring. Use gold you earn to buy supplies and food in the store. Scold them when they're naughty to break them of bad habits. Chat with them via an in-game computer terminal. Play an innocent little game of fetch with them. The activities in My Li'l Bastard will make you feel like a parent for the first time or the last time!

Product Details

Knife-throwing minigame

Put your bastard's life on the line for big gold in a carnival-style knife-throwing contest. A finger-flick is all it takes to pop balloons that hide prizes like money, supplies...and sometimes poop. But beware...a mistimed flick and you could mortally wound your baby!

Slot machine minigame

Not willing to cheat death for quick cash? The new slot machine minigame puts your money on the line instead to win supplies, gold and other items (yes, you can win poop in addition to other loot).

Multiple save slots

Multiple saves allow you to care for up to four little bastards at a time or share the game with friends/siblings/spouses. Rest easy knowing that if a buddy starts a new game they won't mess up the baby bastard you're already in the process of raising.

Share awards on Facebook

Mark the important milestones in your pet's life by posting them on your Facebook wall for all you friends to see. They want you to ooh and ahh over their babies, now you can make them do the same with your bouncing baby (or teen, or adult) bastard.

All-new in-game achievements

New goals to complete over the life of your first, second, third (and so on) bastard's life. Can you uncover them all?

iPod integration

Built-in iPod integration allows you to listen to your music collection as you while away the hours with your new pet.

Family Photos

Take a photo with your bastard (iPhone only) or place him in a picture you've already got on your device. It's like he's right there with you! Squee!


1. Where can I get My L'il Bastard for my iPhone or iPod touch?

You can access the App Store within iTunes (version 7.7 or higher) on your computer, or simply click the App Store icon on your iPhone or iPod Touch. You will need to be running the 2.0 software or higher on your iPhone or iPod Touch. Search for My L'il Bastard in the Games section.

2. What settings will ensure the best gaming experience?

On your iPhone or iPod touch springboard, choose SETTINGS > GENERAL> and choose AUTO-LOCK and change it to 5 minutes or turn it off temporarily to prevent the screen from prematurely dimming or automatically locking.

Use your headphones to enjoy the background music and sound effects, or listen to your own music via the OPTIONS menu.

When not using headphones, remember not to cover the speaker, otherwise sounds will be inaudible.

3. Is there a vibration function?

My L'il Bastard does not feature a vibrate function in the game.

4. How do I adjust the screen brightness?

On your iPhone or iPod touch springboard, choose Settings > Brightness and adjust accordingly.

About the Game

5. What is My L'il Bastard?

In this game, the player is a caretaker who must attend to their new pet's needs and motivations, meeting some and curbing others. You should maximize the pet's health and happiness, keeping them as satisfied for as long as possible.

6. How do I play?

Players raise their pet, first hatching it from an egg, naming it and eventually feeding and cleaning it, engaging it in activities, chatting with it, and purchasing toys and accessories. Completion of a set of mini-goals and tasks will help the pet grow up through 3 different stages: Baby, Teen and Adult.

The player interacts with the pet and objects in his space almost entirely via touch/drag and drop. Using or moving objects is as simple as touching them, then dragging them to the pet or to a new location.

An important indicator of progress is the amount of gold the player has collected and items they have accumulated. Gold is used at the store to purchase essentials, toys and gifts for the pet. The longer the player plays My Lil' Bastard, the more items become available in the Shop.

7. How can I win this game?

Players advance thru stages and accumulate points for addressing behaviors correctly. The longer the pet is alive, the higher the score. The game is over when their pet dies.

8. What are the achievements?

Achievements are awards that are unlocked as you accomplish certain game-related milestones.

Technical Issues

9. How can I pause the game?

During any operation, you can press the MENU button to pause the game. This displays the Main Menu.

10. How can I adjust the music / sound volume?

During any operation, you can press the MENU icon, and select OPTIONS to turn on/off the music. You can adjust the overall sound volume via the regular iPhone/iPod touch volume controls.

11. The game seems slow, how can I improve the performance?

Try rebooting the device to clear the memory or exit other applications that might be taking up excessive memory to achieve the highest quality of game play.

12. Who produced this awesome game?

The original online version of the game was developed by This is Pop! for Adult Swim Games. Smashing Ideas developed the iPhone/ iPod Touch version.

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