Mr. Mullet

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They killed his wife and kids. Now it's time for Mr. Mullet to get some new hair—a flowing, golden mane the likes of which have never been seen before in history. The only way he can achieve his dream is to shave the moustaches and hair off the inhabitants of his world and craft a glorious shining weave.


Control Mr. Mullet with the mouse.

Shave the hair off an unsuspecting citizen by guiding Mr. Mullet over them. Shave too close (shave over a regular customer more than once) and you'll accidentally slice them in half, incurring a time penalty.

Larger customers that leave stubble on their faces will require a second pass to get it all. Shaving them a third time will cut them in half (and cost you a time penalty).

To pause the game, click the "?" in the lower right corner of the screen.


Allowing enemies to reach the left side of the screen without shaving them will cost you a time penalty. If you let too many go unshaven your game will be over quickly.

You can shave multiple enemies at once if you find points where they intersect.