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Having trouble with the game or think you found a bug? Report it to games@adultswim.com.


Your existence has been reduced to flipping burgers and eating meat, but you dream of a life of surfing the waves.


Pipedreamz is played using the keyboard. Menu selections can also be made with the mouse.

P - Pauses the game

M - Mutes the game audio

Gameplay is divided into three sections - Eating, Burger flipping, and surfing.


Z - To eat Do not let the others see you eating. They are unclean.

Instructions cont'd:


Z - To crouch/stand

X - Fakie

Up/Down - Leans

Left/Right - To walk/spin

Stay on the nose to move right.

After a wipeout, tap the up arrow key to surface and continue surfing. If you don’t make it before your meter runs out you’ll go back to work.

Burger Flipping:

Arrow keys – Control your spatula.

Z - Flips burger the first time you press it, serves it the second time.

Flip a burger when it flashes, serve ‘em when they’re done.


Complete the eating/burger flipping without making a mistake and get extra time.

Burgers will be ready to flip/serve in the order they were placed on the griddle.

Don't drown.