Pole Dance Party 2

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Having trouble with the game or think you found a bug? Report it to games@adultswim.com.


Sure, you enjoyed the original Pole Dance Party, a game that satisfied your desire to experience the thrill of a gentlemen's club in the privacy and comfort of your home or office. But it wasn't enough. You wanted more. So here it is, Pole Dance Party 2—More music, more dancers, and a new Quick Play mode to get you into the action faster. Tap the arrows in time with the music and on-screen commands to keep the money and the adoration of the crowd flowing. Then when you've got your audience completely captivated, activate Full Lust to multiply the loot you bring in.


Pole Dance Party 2 is played with the arrow keys and space bar on your keyboard. You can also use the mouse to navigate menus.

At the song select screen, select your track to play and your difficulty (Soft or Hard).

Coins and cash travel down the runway during gameplay. Press the arrow key that corresponds to the lane they're traveling down when they reach the pink line across the bottom of the screen to collect them.

Hold down the arrow keys to collect stacks of coins/money that appear in the runway lanes.

Successfully collecting coins keeps you dancing and builds the audience's lust. Missing will affect your performance and the crowd's arousal.

When your lust meter is full, press the space bar to engage the Full Lust score multiplier.

As you successfully complete stages new songs will open up for you to play.


You can use the down or up arrow to hit coins and money that come down the center lane.