Revenge of the Zombees

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Bees are tiny terrorists on their best days, so you might have known better than to experiment on them at a top secret zom-biological research facility. Unfortunately someone else wasn’t so smart, and now a horde of angry Zombees is out for revenge. They’re undead, but still a little cute. Help the zombees shed that reputation by flattening buildings and stripping the flesh from the bones of every man, woman, and child that stands between you and some awesome flowers, or whatever it is zombie bees are into.


Revenge of the Zombees is played with the mouse.

The strength of your swarm is indicated by a number. You’ll lose if it drops to zero.

Click the mouse and the Zombees will move to that location.

Click on a building, person, or vehicle and the Zombees will attack.

Clicking through multiple targets in one swipe will allow the bees to get combos for higher scores.

Click repeatedly on the green honeycombs to get more bees in your swarm.


To advance through the levels you’ll have to reach a certain score threshold. If you aren’t scoring high enough try to get bigger combos for more points!