Soul Brother

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Mr. Soul isn't superfly, but an actual soul, body-hopping from creature to creature on a quest for wisdom. Help him navigate a strange and dangerous landscape by taking advantage of the unique capabilities of the critters he inhabits. This sun-drenched land may look cute, but it hides many puzzles and secrets, and even more spikes. Walk with care, and try and learn something from all that reincarnation!


Soul Brother is played with the keyboard.

Use the Arrow Keys to move and jump.

Use the X Key to jump. Some creatures have special jumping abilities.

While inhabiting Birdie, hold the X Key to fly.

While inhabiting Daisy, press X again while in the air to crush certain blocks.

While inhabiting Nemo, press X again while in the air to double jump.


You don’t have to collect all (or any) of the gems of wisdom to beat the game. If you’re having trouble collecting one, remember you can skip it.

Some gems are hidden! Can’t find them all? Look for secret rooms.