Spell My Finger

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Guide your finger-spaceship across a vast futuristic wasteland littered with all the letters of the alphabet, spelling as many words as you can before time runs out. The longer the words you spell, the more time and points you'll score.


Left and right arrow keys - Steers your finger across the landscape.

Down arrow - The brakes. Holding the down arrow will slow your finger-ship down slightly from normal cruising speed.

Up arrow - The accelerator. Holding up will make your finger-ship go faster than its regular speed.

Space bar - Once you believe you've spelled a complete word, hit space to submit the word and gather points/time. Words not recognized by the game's dictionary will give you a time penalty.

P - Pauses gameplay.

Run into special backspace icons to delete letters you collected by mistake.

X - Toggle the point values shown for each letter on or off.


Collect multiplier icons around the landscape (x2, x3, etc.) to get more points for your wordsmithery.

The most letters you can have in the word queue is 15.

We're not going to tell you what they are, but there are special bonus words that will nab you even more points. ("Bonus word" message will flash on the screen when you get one.)

You can view all the words you spelled during your game by pressing the "View All" button on the game over screen. The longest word spelled in that session will have a star next to it.