Tofu Hunter

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It's a vegetarian's worst nightmare -- finding out the tofu you've guiltlessly consumed for years actually comes from animals. In Tofu Hunter, you take that alternate-reality truth one step further, donning camouflage gear and going on safari where the tofu beasts roam, hunting them for sport, bragging rights, and sustenance.


In the Weapons Depot pick two guns to mow down the helpless Tofu.

Aim your reticle with the mouse and shoot with the left mouse button.

Choose your weapons by clicking on either weapon.

When your ammo has been depleted, click on the weapon to reload.

Meet your Tofu quota each day to progress to the next round.


Shoot a Tofu Doe (no horns), and you fail.

Kill bonus beasts to rack up extra points.

Pop off a Soy Milk for a +5 sec. time bonus.