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In Tortoss, you command a crack squad of turtles, eager to throw themselves from a moving limo at women-hamburger hybrids protected by towers of carefully balanced girders built on flatbed trucks. Knock down the towers, crush the ladyburgers, and don’t ask too many questions.


Tortoss is played with the mouse.

The goal of Tortoss is to destroy the ladybrugers hiding inside the towers.

Aim your turtle with the mouse. The power of your shot is determined by how close to the edge of the meter you place your cursor.

Destroy all the ladyburgers before you run out of turtles!


If steel girders block your shot, remember you can arc your turtles over them!

Each level has a par rating. Beat par for major points!

You can replay any level to try to improve your score. Go make Papa Turtle proud.