Turbo Turbo Turbo

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Having trouble with the game or think you found a bug? Report it to games@adultswim.com.


You have been recruited as the driver of the world's fastest concept turbocar. Drive skillfully and win races to gain fame and fortune; lose or crash, and your manager will encourage you to win another way...by beating everyone senseless at the post-race celebration party.


Turbo Turbo Turbo is controlled via the keyboard.

Enter - Advances game text and menus, selects highlighted option.

M - Mute

P - Pauses the game

Racing controls:

Arrow keys - Controls your turbocar around the track.

X - Uses a turbo boost if the meter on the left hand side of the screen is charged. Turbo power replenishes immediately if used to ram into another car; if you haven't, then it takes a few seconds to build back up.

In later tracks you will need to dodge boulders that roll across the track and energy beams you will need to boost through.

Fighting controls:

Arrow keys - Moves your player around the playfield.

X - Punch/Drink energy drink

Z - Block


Don't have time to beat up everyone in the bar one on one? Start a brawl by running around the bar punching random people.

Collect Revco energy drink from the bar at the bottom of the screen to replenish your energy in bar brawls!