Viva Caligula! in Hell!

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Why should Emperor Caligula have to pay for his sins? Pay them forward in Viva Caligula! In Hell! as you battle Hitler, Stalin and other evil dudes to take your rightful place amongst history’s foulest leaders. With all 26 weapons from the original Viva Caligula available from the start, you’ll never run out of ways to punish the wicked!


Viva Caligula! In Hell! is controlled primarily with the keyboard

Use the arrow keys to move Caligula

Press the letter keys to unleash 26 different attacks!

Press the “/” key for instructions

Click the buttons in the lower right to mute sound effects and music.


Every letter key activates a different weapon. Experiment to find your favorites.

Use a weapon enough times to max it out for maximum carnage and increased damage.