Worst Game Ever

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The worst game ever made just got (marginally) better. In this extreme score challenge tour de force a-rama, you control Master Shake and Meatwad as they go right, occasionally jumping over obstacles and smiting evil wherever it may lie. Your right arrow key has never seen this much intense, blister-inducing action. How long can you...go right?


Right arrow key - Go right

Space bar - Jump over obstacle

The progress bar in the upper left shows you how close you are to the end of the game and the new, ultra-awesome exclusive video clip.

P - Pause game (submit score in pause menu)

X - Attack

H - Hyperspace

T - Teleport

Shift + X - Radioactive Nunchuks

R + U + N - Sniper Scope

F1 - Toggle Aim

Alt + F4 (Command + W for Mac): Super Ultra Deathageddon


Don't cheat. Cheater. We'll ban you.

Weighing down the right arrow key to get the high score may seem like a good idea, but that good idea may just land you in a pit. Bad idea.